Katja – tweede kindje

The course was especially helpful for me in terms of the positions during the birth and breathing techniques.  I was 41.1 when I went into labour so the course helped me withstand pressure to start inductions and to have sweeps. I was polite but firm at the hospital appointments. If you have knowledge about what is “normal” you also have power. As long as the baby and mother are not in danger, there was no reason for me to worry. 
 My surges started powerfully and frequently and so I did not really have time to “think”. I immediately started to focus on my breathing and tried to find the most comfortable position to breath through the surges which for me was on hands and knees. I also tried the Swiss ball and polar bear positions but neither helped me to relax.  

The course helped me to really stay focused and not be distracted by other voices or the bright lights. Once the ambulance staff arrived I hardly noticed them lift me to the bed and I immediately rolled off my back – again to hands and knees – as I was completely convinced that this was the best place for me. The baby’s head was born with the following surge.  The baby has been very calm this week, perhaps also due to the calm way I tried to approach his arrival. He has got a good cry though especially when he’s hungry 🙂